Overlord II

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Help evil rule the land once more


  • Atmospheric fantasy-comic world
  • Excellent speech characterization
  • Great sense of humor


  • A little simple
  • Detailed and busy graphics need a powerful PC
  • Camera control not great

Very good

In the absence of evil on Earth, a human empire has risen, where everyone is free and happy except those who are enslaved or imprisoned. In Overlord II, a new evil Overlord has come to restore evil to Earth. You are this Overlord, and have to build an army of minions to help you defeat the enemies of evil.

It's a third person game, with remarkably simple controls. Combat and puzzles are executed in the same way. When you see a problem, whether it be a wheel that needs turning, or a baby seal that needs clubbing, you just point your minions in the right direction, lending a hand if you want. Your minions are full of amusing chatter as you move around, and keep the tone light. While it's violent, it's not serious and not at all gory.

Visually, Overlord II is quite impressive. In terms of style, it's pretty standard fantasy stuff, but well done and with some nice effects. As there can be a lot going on, you'll need a powerful machine to run Overlord II with high detail levels. The sound is atmospheric, and the aforementioned speech is excellent.

The only real criticism of Overlord II is that the gameplay is a little simple, and when there are lots of things on screen, it can get confusing.

Overlord II is an enjoyable and sometimes hilariously evil game.

Overlord II


Overlord II Demo

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